When in pain… move

Pain is  an unpleasant feeling and has been felt by all of us at some point in our lives. For a few lucky ones it’s a passing phase, and for some it’s a constant companion. How often have you felt like curling up in a painful episode and try everything passive possible, be it pills, cold , hot water bath , essential oils and so on hoping it would subside? All these methods are great but short lived and they don’t assist in the healing process.

I am going to tell you to do the opposite when in pain and here is why.

Pain is our body’s fire alarm. Great job but can we allow it to go on continuously. Surely no. To turn off the alarm is to desentitize the system and this can be safely done through protected movements.

Movements help in the natural flow of lymph and improves circulation.

Movements activate  your parasympathetic nervous system. It makes your breaths deeper, slower and even more oxygen and better healing. Yippee faster pain relief.

Feel good hormones or the endorphins are secreted faster and help the  growth promoting factors in the cells to complete the repair process. Before you know the body has re-established it’s Samatvam or Homeostasis.

Movements, however less, gives the musculocutaneous structure, it’s mechanical nutrients without which there is no life.

So, the next time your back starts to groan, take a leisurely walk around the park and see your pain go away.

Move more, move better

Dr Anjanaa Balasubramaniam (MPT Sports, NASM-CES, DYED-Yoga therapy, DAC) is a sports physiotherapist and runs Recover Physiotherapy where she helps athletes rehab from injury and strengthen their foundation so they can perform better.


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